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What is Affordable Search Engine Optimization?

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to drive visitors or "traffic" to your company's website. This is done by having your website appear at the top of Google's search engine results when somebody is searching for something your company offers.

To achieve high rankings, Google needs to believe your website delivers the most relevant information on that topic. It must also consider your website to be the best structured and most desirable as related to that exact search phrase. What determines if this search engine will "love" your website for a specific search phrase or "keyword" is Google's enormous algorithm that calculates hundreds of factors. The job of the Search Engine Optimization professional is to identify those most important to your website and the particular keyword, then adjust your site accordingly. There should be continuous monitoring and management in order to outrank your competitors and to maintain positions for your list of keywords, as positions are constantly changing. It's not uncommon for a website to hold a top 3 position then drop to page 2 in a matter of days for highly competitive keywords. Search Engine Optimization, and especially small business SEO, is a constant battle. Doing it on a small business budget makes it even more difficult. Fortunately, as a small business seo company with years of SEO consultant experience under our belts, we've made affordable search engine optimization services a reality. Rankifier is here to help your company win!

what is affordable optimizing for Google searches and small business SEO, drive traffic to your website and increase your number of conversions with our help at a low price

Website Position and Health Audit

The technical "health" of your website is a vital factor when optimizing a website. It can also be a vital factor in a potential customer's experience, the time they spend on your site and your conversion rate (meaning people who make a purchase or contact you). Technical issues such as broken links, a missing security certificate (SSL), canonical errors, slow load speeds, etc., all lead to Google not loving your website. Also, anyone visiting your website is going to have a difficult or frustrating time and will quickly leave.

For these reasons, Rankifier's affordable SEO services take the technical health of your website very seriously. We will run a free website health audit and ranking report for anyone who requests it. We will always try to fix any serious techinical seo issues before even starting keyword optimization. If we detect too many serious issues, we may even decline to optimize the site as it wouldn't be fair to you or to us to expect positive search engine optimization results.

Your site's current position status is also important as it give us a baseline from which to start. Therefore we always supply you with a preliminary search engine ranking report.

website audit report indicating website errors | We use the health audit of your site to better guide our approach and correct any errors that may cause your site to not rank as well, we tackle your website from multiple angles to best match Google's algorithm and get your ranking highly very quickly at a cheap price to save you money while increasing your traffic

Website Search Engine Optimization

Rankifier will analyze your website, identifying relevant keywords to focus on and which pages to optimize for those keywords. This is part of the strategy behind the work that is so essential. We then analyze the websites of your top 10 competitors for each of those target keywords. This helps us know what should be done in order for your website to compete for those search terms on a page-one level.

Elements of your site will be modified, or created according to our agency's current SEO best practices. Website text or "copy" might need to be created or edited. The url of a page might need to be changed, headlines or subheads created, page titles, meta descriptions, image ALT tags, internal links and external links created or modified, etc. If a page requires considerably more text, you have the option to provide it yourself, or for a small additional fee, one of our copy writers can provide this service. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for local SEO for small businesses. We've made affordable SEO services a reality.


Website Optimizing for Google Searches and others | Small Business SEO

Keyword Discovery

Our SEO agency employs a large number of analytic tools and online resources providing us with access to an abundance of real-time research data. This data regarding the health and use of your website, your competitors' websites, visitor trends, keyword usage and volume and more are compiled and analyzed before any actual search engine optimization work on your site begins. We will request your insights regarding your business and visitors and combine that knowledge with our own research to identify the direction that is right for your site.

The preliminary and ongoing research is the lifeblood of a successful small business SEO campaign. Strategies are developed and revised as changes occur within your site, keyword rankings and any known changes to Google's search engine algorithm. Thankfully, all of this is already included in our affordable SEO services.

SEO Analysis for Business Websites and Large Projects Phoenix AZ | Small Business SEO - Optimization for Google, Bing, and other Search Engines

On/Off Site Affordable SEO Services

On-Site aka "on-page" SEO is the optimization work done on the website itself. This is the most complex and analytical aspect of website optimization. This tells Google and your visitors what the page is all about and ensures the search engine can easily find the information it needs. This is what defines the search phrases a page of your website should be found for. This is Rankifier's primary focus. However, there is more to our affordable SEO services than just what happens on your site itself.

Off-Site aka "off-page" SEO mostly pertains to "backlinks", which are when other websites add a link that takes people to your site. These are typically created in someone's blog post, a local directory, a social media post or within the text of a website. When good-quality websites add a link to your site, it tells Google that people think highly of your website. If those links include a keyword or two that relates to your particular page, that's even better. These incoming "popularity links" help a lot to move a site up in ranking after that page hits page one. Rankifier provides third-party linking and local directory options for off-site affordable SEO services.

on and off site affordable seo services | Rankifier is one of the leading companies for small business SEO at a cheap price point so you can get great results at a low cost


A "conversion" is any actionable goal you want your website visitor to complete. If one of the goals of your website is to have visitors submit a form requesting a quote, then any time that occurs, it is considered a conversion. Typical conversions can be a lead, a sale, and inquiry or even a visit to a particular page of your site. Your conversion goals are important for us to know so we can optimize your website accordingly. Hopefully, you have worked closely with your website designer with these business goals and conversion objectives in mind.

The easier you make it for the visitor to complete a conversion, the better your results will be. But, for example, if the visitor has to search to find your phone number or request a quote form, your conversion rates will reflect this. Rankifier's primary focus is on affordable SEO services, and driving traffic to your site, however we can offer suggestions which might help your conversion rates if necessary. We typically discover such issues after driving significant traffic to a site without the client experiencing an increase in conversions.

website conversion makes a difference, it can be the difference between turning a profit or not, a conversion can be a sale, lead, inquiry, or more, you set the goal

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Our goal isn't to drive people to your site - it's to drive the RIGHT people to your site.

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Our affordable SEO company is comprised of results-driven SEO professionals. With Rankifier's monthly, affordable SEO services for small businesses and large, we work hard to get your website ranking highly on page one of Google for multiple search phrases. Then we work hard to keep you there while growing other keywords. The results of this hard work can be a staggering return on your investment, far surpassing any other affordable search engine optimization services and marketing efforts.

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