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Bring more traffic to your small business website with the help of Rankifier's proven and latest, affordable SEO services, techniques, and small business SEO strategies.

So, just how much SEO traffic does the top website get versus the second business or third business or tenth? Search Engine Optimization research indicates a business's website holding the #1 position on Google's search engine for a search phrase receives 37% of the clicks, whereas only 13% of people will click on the second business. If your business holds the third position, you can expect 9% of the people to click on it, and so on, down to only 3% for a website in 10th position. Tenth position is the very bottom of the typical Google search engine page. Very few people go to the second page of Google when performing a search.

So if you can see the value in your website holding a top position and the value of Rankifier's small business SEO services, call us today!

Our Affordable SEO Services

Our 5 step Search Engine Optimization process ensures that your business gets the most out of our affordable SEO services.

Discover Search Engine Optimization Opportunities

In this first step of our affordable seo services for small businesses, we learn about the client's business, website, and competitors developing clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the SEO project. Our SEO team will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your business and goals to develop the best custom SEO strategy for your website.

  • Project brief: Define client information & business goals
  • Keyword SEO research: Define potential target keywords
  • Website health audit: Identify all technical website issues
  • SEO ranking audit: Create current baseline for SEO
client discovery meeting, affordable local seo services for small business seo services, local Phoenix AZ, cheap and affordable SEO Services in Phoenix and Nationwide | Contact Rankifier today for a quote and to ask any questions you may have about the process we are happy to assist you in any way we can

SEO Strategy

Our team of SEO experts will define a competitive SEO keyword and web page strategy for each primary page of the site. Each primary page of the site will be strategically assigned the most relevant keywords and optimized accordingly.

  • Identify appropriate keywords and phrases
  • Develop a competitive analysis of various keywords
  • Strategically assign keywords to specific pages
  • Create a strategy based on discovery and project timeline
agency strategy service | we will devise a strategy for each primary page of your website, this allows us to tweak and define the strategy throughout the process and find the right approach for your website

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Rankifier's on-site, search engine optimization methods, techniques and strategies run deep. Our search engine optimization company has the benefit of drawing from our team's years of SEO experience and expertise. Each member of our team is extremely competitive and here to help your business win. Below is a partial list of our elements of analysis performed for each targeted keyword and web page of our client's site and of their competitors.

  • Client Site Keyword Analysis
  • Top 10 Competitor Sites SEO Analysis
  • Document Title Keyword Analysis
  • Global Link Popularity Analysis
  • Social Network Link Comparative Analysis
  • Inbound Link Text Analysis
  • Body Text Keyword Density Analysis
  • Site Age Comparison Analysis
  • H1-H6 Headline Text Keyword Quantity & Density Analysis
  • URL & Domain Name Keyword Use Comparative Analysis
  • IMG ALT Tag Keyword Density Analysis
  • Bold Body Text Analysis
  • Traffic Rank Analysis
  • Same Domain Link Text Analysis
  • Outbound Link Text Analysis
  • Same Domain Link URL Analysis
  • Outbound Link Text Keyword Analysis
  • Meta Description Analysis
  • URL Trailing Slash Analysis
  • HTML Validation of Web Page to W3C Standards
  • Readability Level Analysis
  • Meta Keyword Use Analysis
  • First Sentence Keyword Use Analysis
  • HTML Comments Keyword Use Analysis
  • Google Compatibility Analysis
  • Link Exchange Management
  • Website Text Rewriting For SEO
  • Critical Web Directory Submission
  • Home Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Coding Conflict Resolution
on site optimization phoenix laptop we are here to help you improve your ranking on google with frequent reports keeping you in the loop as often as your package calls for, its your choice | Rankifier Affordable SEO Services can help your company reach the top of the results and get more clients and traffic

Google Tools Setup

If you currently don't have the following accounts set up or at least set up correctly, we address these issues at the outset. These accounts can be extremely important in our SEO strategies. Here's what they are and what they mean to your website.

  • Google My Business: This is essential for local businesses to be found on Google Maps and to appear in this special section when people perform common, local searches.
  • Google Analytics: If you don't already have one, we will create your analytics account and set it up on your website. This feature allows us to track visitor traffic and other actions people take on your site. The insight is highly valuable to know what is and isn't working on your site from a conversion and user-experience perspective. It is also essential before setting up the Google Search Console tool.
  • Google Search Console: This gives us Google's insights into your website. It tells us if Google has identified any issues or errors with your site so we know what needs to be fixed. It also shows us the organic search terms used by visitors to find your website and many other important factors and allows us to upload your sitemaps.
google maps business analytics tools setup | Search Engine Optimizing for Google Search and more in Phoenix AZ

Monthly Small Business SEO Analysis and Reporting

Rankifier carefully monitors your website's analytics and SEO ranking changes. As a completely transparent business, each month your small business will be provided with the following:

  • Google Ranking Report: A comparison report indicating your current and previous page SEO ranking positions in Google for targeted keywords
  • Executive Summary: A summary of the included reports and any important information or suggestions for the coming month
  • Website Health Report: Analysis of your website's current technical issues. Provided to clients with websites struggling with such problems.
  • Additional Analysis and Reporting can and will be provided on a situational basis.
consultants agency analytics ranking reports | small business seo | affordable SEO services in Phoenix AZ and nationwide | We offer both local and national options

Search Engine Optimization Options We Provide

Increase the volume and quality of your organic traffic with Rankifier's proven, white-hat, affordable SEO services, techniques and small business SEO strategies.

On Page SEO

Research, analysis and page-by-page keyword strategies are developed for your business site. Primary pages of the site are then set up and the site is optimized on a monthly basis to gain and maintain high rankings and increase online visibility. This is the key to our affordable local SEO services.

Off Page SEO

Based on the needs of the site, optional, off-page SEO backlinking campaigns may be recommended. Off-page or off-site search engine optimization services are available for an additional fee. Such services may include backlinks, blog post writing, etc.

Affordable Local SEO Services & Local Citation Submissions

Clients have the option of purchasing local directory citation submission services. This not only helps with search engine rankings, but also provides an additional means for people to find your website and services. Local SEO campaigns may also include development and optimization of city-specific landing pages on your website for each of the areas and services you cover.


eCommerce sites are considerably more complex to optimize, primarily due to the platforms they are built on. Rankifier is one of the few small business SEO agencies to provide these services on a case by case basis. Prices vary depending upon number of pages to be optimized, keywords and the platform the site is built on. Some platforms are too limiting and simply can't be optimized. Please call to discuss your website for a custom estimate.